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Self-care gifts for life's tough shit.

Support your loved one to shine bright again.

Grief. Burnout. Depression. Anxiety. Ever notice how these feelings are swept under society’s proverbial rug? Or how flowers and food are thrown at the issue to make them go away? Us too. We know life has its highs and lows. It’s during these lows that support is most needed, but is not often found.


ARISE was founded as an alternative to flowers and traditional food gift baskets with a key focus on self-care as a support mechanism when dealing with life’s lows.


Our gift boxes features restorative self-care activities that are quick and can be done in the convenience of the home. All products are hand-curated with a specific purpose that supports the nourishment of your loved one’s mind, body and soul. ARISE proudly supports women owned and co-owned businesses made in the U.S. and 1% of sales are donated to Girls, Inc., a non profit inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.


Our blog features additional self-care resources and tips, book reviews and interviews with those who have experienced loss or burnout.

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The first ARISE gift box was sent in December 2016 when Kristen Gold, our founder, wanted to support a friend who had lost a parent. Flowers, the traditional standby, didn’t feel like enough, and she was at a loss for words. Kristen wanted to send something that would comfort and support her friend through the grieving process. Having experienced the loss of a friend about a year earlier, followed by near burnout at work (read Kristen’s story here), she wanted to package up the self-care remedies that had worked for her during what felt like a downward spiral of hopelessness.


During nights and weekends, Kristen is lovingly packing ARISE gift boxes out of her tiny NYC apartment. By day, she manages employee volunteer programs at EY.

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