When I began telling people about ARISE, some suggested that I should include a journal in the gift box. I loved that idea, however, at least for me, journals are personal and what might work for one person won’t necessarily work for the other. And what I think is a beautiful journal, others may think is ugly and would never use it.

Writing is a great way to work through things, I’ve pulled together a few (actually seven) journals below to get your started.

1. Five-Minute Journal – If I’m being honest I’ve struggled with a regular journaling practice, which is why I ended up buying the Five-Minute Journal. This journal offers a simple structure format based on positive psychology research, starting and ending each day with gratitude. Since I’ve started using it, I’ve noticed my mindset is overall more positive and, an unexpected bonus, I get to stay in bed a bit longer to set the tone for my day.

2. Practice You – This stunning journal, by yoga teacher Elena Brower, is a map to your highest self. The pages of this journal are full of potent prompts and inviting spaces, awaiting your contemplations and discoveries. Practice You invites you to know yourself and what nourishes you best. Mine is in the mail and supposed to arrive today, can’t wait!

3. Grateful Peoples Journal – Teddy, the founder, wanted a way to share how gratitude shifted his mindset, so he created a journal, featuring his own art, to inspire mindful living through the art of writing down positive thoughts. I’m a sucker for a good mission-driven company and Grateful Peoples also started The Good Vibes Project, which brings gratitude into the classroom. In 2016, they started with 25 students and have grown to over 1,200 young minds beginning each school day by writing down a list of things they are grateful for.

4. ARISE Reflection Guide – At the end of 2016 I reflected on the year and I enjoyed it so much I created a guide so I could reflect each month in 2017. Per #1, I completely missed the mark on actually taking the time to reflect. This free guide offers several prompting questions that you can use to reflect on monthly or whatever feels good for you. Why reflect? Reflection increases your self-awareness and also supports in developing a better understanding of others. You can read more about that here.

5. Gratitude Journal – OK, technically not a physical journal, its an app. If you haven’t owned a pen since 2013, this is for you. The app allows you to simply list gratitudes for the day and offers inspiring quotes once your done. The creator of the app also offers a free 30-day guide to jump start your gratitude practice, including several prompting questions.

6. Start Where You Are – An interactive journal for self-exploration, designed to help you nurture your creativity, self-motivation and mindfulness. This journal helps you navigate the confusion and chaos of daily life by reminding you of the most important lesson of all – that all change comes from within, and there will always be light for those who look for it. This journal was created by self-taught artist Meera Lee Patel who creates work that inspires others to connect with themselves, each other and the world around them.

7. Write It Down, Let It Go – A worry relief journal, created by therapist Lindsay Kramer, invites you to record your worries on one page (“write it down”) and then use the opposite page to reframe your anxious thoughts into positive actions or feelings (“let it go”). Writing down worries is a recognized therapeutic technique for relieving stress and anxiety.

None of these resonate with you? Check out MindBodyGreen’s definitive list of guided journals.

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