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From Broken Hearts to Open Hearts

Are you experiencing a breakup, separation or divorce?
Are you struggling to process it all & move forward with your life?
Are you ready to heal but not sure where to start?

If so, join us for our live 6 week program, From Broken Hearts to Open Hearts. This intimate group program will be capped at 8 participants offering you space and tools to process your heartache. In addition to the weekly support sessions, each participant will have the opportunity to receive an individual, virtual Reiki (energy healing) session and join two group meditations with Reiki.

Who we are

Your facilitators, Victoria & Kristen, are a licensed marriage and family therapist and a wellness expert (respectively). Victoria & Kristen’s friendship began when they were introduced by a mutual friend while experiencing breakups from their long-term relationships (15 years and 12 years) and quickly became one another's support system as they navigated healing and life post-breakup.


We’re not here to fearmonger or create perceived lack so you participate in our offering. We believe that you are already whole and worthy just as you are. We are a bridge supporting you to get from one point to the other in your life.

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Anticipated start date of mid-January 2023.

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