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Energy can seem illusive,

hear from clients.

“The Reiki experience with Kristen was above and beyond what I could have thought. It was via Zoom, however she sent me all the details I needed to know in advance including music, how to clear the space (e.g. sage, palo santo), as well as a form asking about the areas that I wanted to heal, and she read all of this with attention ahead of our session. During the session, I could feel a lot of energy in my heart and hands, which Kristen also felt and interpreted in the best way. I felt much better and calmer after the session. She mentioned to me very interesting things that she noted, and my therapist mentioned those same areas a week later. Kristen felt the same energy as my therapist who I see regularly in person and has known me for years. After the session, Kristen shared super helpful information and resource to work on everything she identified during our session.”

Dana, Mexico

“Having done Reiki many years ago, I immediately got interested in doing a session after meeting Kristen. First the professional intake, where she looked into potential challenges, really created a setting where I felt heard and free. Going through with the actual session I felt relaxed and open, experiencing deep rest. The biggest insight I gained from the session was further motivated by theory and Kristen’s recommended reading. This allowed for a relaxed rest of the day for some further soul searching. Many thanks Kristen, highly recommended session.”

Jerome, Netherlands

“I was amazed by Kristen's ability to make people at ease about Reiki, it seems to be so natural with her. She sent a form to get to know you better as well as explained the session and her approach before starting. She currently does house calls, and I felt transported once the room was setup with relaxing scents and music. She creates an environment where people feel comfortable to ask questions and share their thoughts. During the session Kristen takes notes in order to provide a full summary at the end about things she's sensed.


I wasn't aware of the anxiety deep within me and Kristen helped me to solve it, I was not expecting this outcome. Ultimately, I felt that a huge weight had been lifted off of me and a sense of calm. I feel stronger to tackle life's on-coming situations. Additionally, I feel energized and reaffirmed that I'm exactly where I should be spiritually. I knew that I had made the right choice by doing Reiki with Kristen.


I liked the way Kristen takes care of you all along the process - her smile, huge softness and kindness makes the whole experience an amazing journey full of joy, relieving feelings and deeper knowledge of your inner self.”

Brahim, France

“Absolutely recommend. You don’t believe it until you have experienced it yourself: without mentioning nor showing her, Kristen correctly diagnosed physical pain and mental struggles by feeling your aura and energy. During the session, I felt protected yet filled with positive energy and confidence. Very helpful advice is given afterwards to tackle your issues.” 

Tobi, Switzerland

"My reiki session with Kristen was deeply relaxing and insightful. She provided a safe space that I could surrender into and her intuitive reflections at the end were affirmation of what’s been currently going on for me. Her reflections also correlated to the parts of my body where I felt the most heat during the reiki. The night after our session, I had the soundest sleep I’ve had in a while and in the morning, I woke up to a brand new Client. Considering I wanted to let go and realign with trust, I’d say the session helped me with just that! Thanks, Kristen!"

Kayla, US

“This was my first experience with Reiki, Kristen has a calm aura and explained everything to me clearly. She makes you feel very comfortable in advance and throughout. The session was an hour and it was peaceful, enjoyable and relaxing. At the end we talked through how we both felt during the hour and Kristen shared more information about each part. Any questions I had she gave detailed and well sourced responses and followed up with some further information and reading. I would highly recommend Kristen for a Reiki session.”

Cressida, UK

“I have been wanted to try Reiki for a while so when I met Kristen during a trip to Kenya and she mentioned she was a Reiki practitioner, I felt it was the time for me to take the leap - and I’m glad I did! Our session was online, which at first could make you feel awkward, however she thoroughly prepared me for the session with a questionnaire and guidance via email. When we connected for the session she created all the conditions to make me feel comfortable and safe. The experience was incredibly soothing and relaxing as well as cleansing. I slept very well after and could sense the positive effect the day after. Thank you Kristen for your beautiful energy and light.”

Jenn, France

“I received Reiki one other time at a spa in Bali. Although I felt relaxed afterwards, I didn’t feel anything during the session and the only thing the practitioner shared was that I had some tension in my body. So when I decided to do the Reiki session with Kristen, I had no expectations and didn’t think I would feel anything this time either. To my surprise during the session, not only could I sense where her hands were by sensing more heat, I also felt sharp pain on the left side of my neck where I have had a chronic knot for several years. It has been more than a month since the session and the knot is gone. After the session, Kristen takes time to chat through any findings, which I liked. Kristen shared that my inner child wanted more time to play and dance, something I had noticed lacking in my life a few months prior to the session. I don’t know exactly how Reiki works, but highly recommend it. Kristen is super passionate about the topic and seems to have a natural talent for it.”

Reihaneh, Canada

“It was my first time participating in a reiki session and Kristen did an incredible job from start to finish! Prior to our first meeting, she sent over a comprehensive intake form and email, which she uses to help determine your areas of focus and expectations for the session. On the day of, we went through what I was hoping to get out of the session before diving in. It was very relaxing--Kristen picked enhancing music for the experience--and I enjoyed my time. Once it was over, Kristen thoroughly went over what she felt and we talked through the themes and resources. Overall, I left feeling lighter, happier and had a greater sense of ease. I'm also excited to go through all of the exercises Kristen suggested. I would highly recommend this experience!”

Christa, US

“My reiki session with Kristen was incredibly healing and uplifting. That day was particularly challenging for me as I had just received some bad news. After the session, I felt relaxed and understood as Kristen identified specific physical and energetic areas for me to work on. She even recommended some resources based on the outcome of my session, which was super helpful. Overall the session filled me with comfort and inner peace.”

Laerta, US

“I have been lucky enough to enjoy several reiki sessions with Kristen. The booking process is efficient and straightforward, and I was asked in advance about specific areas that might need to be worked on during the session. From start to finish, it was a fantastic experience. 


The sessions were relaxing and healing. Kristen provides a safe space and can easily detect any misalignment issues in your chakras with care. I left the sessions feeling relaxed and lighter in my being.


After the session, you are provided information on what she has noticed within you and tools to address those issues, which I found most helpful. Thanks, Kristen!”

Candice, Tanzania

“After having a few adhoc reiki sessions in the past, I finally got the chance to experience it on a regular basis with Kristen. 


I found that having regular sessions close together was the most beneficial. Kristen was fantastic in explaining the process and fundamentals of Reiki, which I think is important for anyone new to the experience. 


I personally had some very profound thoughts and insights, which really helped me along my journey. After a few of the same themes were occurring, Kristen actually suggested I take a break from sessions to focus on taking the time to implement her findings, a sign that she really cares about the person’s experience rather than just having re-occurring clients. 


For anyone new or experienced with Reiki, I would definitely recommend going to see Kristen, I’ll definitely be back in the future.”

Tom, UK

“I felt completely relaxed and at ease during my reiki experience with Kristen and found the explanations that came after the session to be really helpful and insightful about my own energy and healing and focus areas. Especially appreciated the resources Kristen sent as well. After the session was complete I felt an overwhelming sense of stress free and calmness going into a busy work week ahead”

Dulce, US

"Kristen brings a gentle curiosity into her practice. I felt safe in her presence and appreciated her the time she took to share additional and very helpful resources with me. I would happily keep returning to Kristen for reiki sessions.

Nwabisa, South Africa

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