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Dream Life Registry / Birthday Wishlist

Before I embarked on my new life a few friends and I half-joked that I should create a dream life registry - like ya know, what other people do when they get married and have kids, but support for a nontraditional life path and an opportunity for you all to celebrate in my joy as everyone does for so many of our dear friends who get married and have cute babies.

If you don’t fully understand, you can think of this as:
-- a commitment to myself, to prioritize myself and dreams and to not abandon myself when I know things aren’t aligned (aka marriage)
-- birthing a new life into existence that needs the proper care and nourishment to ultimate become sustainable whichever direction it goes (aka a baby)

New life, new me is trying to be open to receiving and the growth that comes with softening – but it is still HARD for me to ask for things / help… so this is now a combined birthday wishlist / dream life registry.

Below are some of the items you can gift me that will support me in my journey at this time and suggested amount to gift. Just pop in a note so I know where you’d like to see your money spent. Here are quick links to Venmo (@Kristen-Gold), Paypal ( and Airbnb.

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me and been my cheerleader when I needed it the most as I took this leap of faith - no regrets so far :).

What to gift:

PCR Tests: Ensuring I'm COVID free as I cross borders. Suggested gift: $50

Surf Lessons/Coaching & Board Rental: one of my goals was to improve my surfing and so far I’m not reaching this goal. Suggested gift: $50

Transportation: Trains, planes and automobiles...camels and ubers. Some countries have questionable public transportation, and as a solo female traveler, my number one priority is safety when it comes to transportation, and sometimes this means taking an uber over the local public transportation (honestly I miss the subway) or walking. Suggested gift: $10-$100

Lodging: Wow, really learned that I can’t hack it in a hostel dorm room and I relish in my alone time. Also, safety first, can’t go find some dodgy hotel room in a sketchy neighborhood to save money. Suggested gift: $50 - $100

Food: I’m on a cooking budget, but love checking out the local food scene. Tinder has been good for this (#datingforfood), but sometimes I like to go alone. Suggested gift: $10-30

Experiences: The moment I got to Portugal and was like oh fuck, can’t really get to know the country without visiting some sites and doing some tours. Suggested gift: $20
In Cape Town I want to: visit the Penguins, check out Cape of Good Hope, do a street art walking tour, kayak at sunrise, travel the garden route, visit some museums, take a cooking class (if our paths cross, I’ll make you food!), and do a photoshoot so I won’t look awkward AF in all my photos (the above courtesy of my new IG wifey).

New Sneakers: I walked holes into the bottom of my shoes and had literal puddles in them in Morocco, desperately need a new pair (in full transparency, just waiting for the store to get my size back in stock). Suggested gift: $60

Protection...from the SUN!: Help me continue to look ageless with all the sunscreen. The southern hemisphere sun does not play. Suggested gift: $10

Birthday Celebration: Celebrate my birthday with me (26 January!) near and far:
- Birthday cake. Suggested gift: $5
- Champagne toast for 1. Suggested gift: $10
- Wine & cheese for 1. Suggested gift: $10

And one more time for good measure, quick links to Venmo (@Kristen-Gold), Paypal ( and Airbnb.


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